BLD Integral Solutions is a young company, belonging to the BLD Investment Hong Kong parent company, made up by a group of mining engineers with many years of experience in tunnel engineering.

Our personal and professional origins lie in Asturias, one of the Spanish territories with the highest volume of road and railway tunnels per square kilometre. In a manner of speaking, it can be said have grown both personally and professionally among tunnels, extending our experience around the world, on all kind of terrain and under all types of condition.

We are mining engineers, consultants and implementers. This means that our knowledge serves to foresee the problems that may arise when excavating tunnels and to also provide the technology necessary to remedy the problem in question.

BLD Integral Solutions
is a Partner and Technology Expert
of the Pajares Tunnels
Technological Platform


Firstly, because we were born among tunnels and know how important they are for communications. The first tunnel was built 40,000 years ago and this construction technology has continued improving since then.

Tunnels are essential for communications as they save time, money and reduce pollution. For example, the San Gotardo tunnel running through the Alps along 57 km will make it possible to reduce C02 emissions by 130,000 tonnes and nitrogen oxides by 840 tonnes, apart from saving 50% of the energy required for transporting persons and vehicles.

This example clearly illustrates the importance of tunnels in large communication infrastructures, together with the need to rely on specialists who know how to plan and implement them. This is our role, having the capability to face incidents in works.


Tunnels are infrastructures whose implementation is very complex. There is a 50% chance of incidents occurring during their excavation, forcing the works to be halted to a greater or lesser extent.

Landslides These force the tunnelling machine to stop, forcing the works to come to a halt. This type of incident is often explained by scarce or biased geological studies before commencing the works, frequently leading to very serious economic consequences regarding the excavation as a whole.
Mechanical problems Even though the tunnelling machines used at present include sophisticated technology and can be programmed to follow a route with a margin of error of just millimetres, the imponderables in the works cannot exclude any deviation occurring due to human error, to unexpected modifications in the hardness or conditions of the terrain which alters the course of the machine, or any other obstacle blocking its operation to the point of preventing its advance.
Floods Underground lakes or rivers is another common problem when excavating tunnels. The machinery often becomes paralysed and useless several metres below water resulting in its deterioration and, together with this, the works coming to a halt for periods which may even last for months.
Estimated cost of stopping a T.B.M. larger than 10 m/ø $ 200,000 per day (Approx)

Our personnel has wide experience regarding all kinds of terrain and very diverse circumstances. We work with a protocol adapted to each situation which is applied strictly and professionally. These are our guidelines:

Prevention Previous studies do not avoid surprises totally, but they do avoid the chances of these occurring. We are consultants. Our recommendations can mean the difference between works without incidents or works with interruptions that may lead to ruin.
Presence Our work is based on choosing the best. BLD Integral Solutions sets itself apart from other companies by being on site at all times.
Specialisation BLD Integral Solutions has specialised professionals for each case: caving in, floods, mechanical problems... All of them are fully trained and are auxiliary professionals who can act in a combined manner whenever problems arise simultaneously in works.
Efficiency This is achieved by combining experience and specialisation to save money and time. Halted works generate daily losses of 200,000 dollars, without considering the repercussion this has on the workforce and the prestige of the company.

BLD Integral Solutions has built up its experience in Spain, India, Israel, Saudi Arabia, China, Laos, Taiwan, Iceland, Greenland, Germany, France, Norway, Portugal, Mexico, Panama, Brazil and Chile.

We have all the equipment necessary for each case and handle different techniques and materials to inject various types of resin in the land in order to solve the problems and continue with the works. Our experience and high level of success regarding extremely diverse latitudes, geological configurations and construction situations, allow us to present our company as one of the most solvent and specialised in solving problems in tunnels.


Obviously, all projects are different and each one has required the application of a specific and appropriate solution. All interventions by our personnel in large infrastructures are accredited, in the same way as those we have carried out for microtunnels.

PROFESSIONALISM We are specialists. Mining engineers. We like tunnels, we are aware of their strategic value in civil works and, therefore, have all the knowledge and experience necessary to face any adverse technical situation that may occur during the excavation process.
SAFETY The verifiable solvency of the work we have performed successfully up to now is an assurance for whoever contracts our services.
SAVINGS Each stop in tunnel excavation works can involve costs of around 200,000 dollars per day for the company implementing them. Our work tends to reduce the days works are at a halt as far as possible.
PROVEN EXPERIENCE The list of 20 countries around the world where we have performed work completed successfully proves our interventions have been carrying providing full guarantees.
FUTURE PLANS Our company, belonging to the BLD Investment Hong Kong parent company, will continue growing. We want to be present in more countries in order to guarantee we are close to the places our services may be required. This is a commitment for the future of a solid company at the present.
GLOBAL SERVICE Our dual condition as works consultants/implementers allows us to perform preventive engineering to avoid problems, while also having the means necessary to work on site controlling the execution of each and every project.

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